Dear Friends,

Once the children are in their pajamas and the teeth have been brushed, we settle down on the floor for the bedtime stories. Each one can choose a book and provided I am not too tired, we read until all are done. Sometimes, I may begin to nod off during the reading and I will be nudged back to consciousness. This is my favorite time of day, after all the running around is over, we sit down and share these tales. Often the simplest and the oldest ones are still the best. One of our family favorites is ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Margaret Wise Brown. Its comforting words and rhythms gently rock us into a peaceful place, just as if we were sitting in that rocking chair occupied by the old woman saying, “Hush”.


Another favorite is ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ which I had learned in primary school as a song. The book, however, delivers a much more poignant message and a tear often comes to my eye as poor puff is left alone when his friend grows up and stops coming to visit. But the great thing is that that same friend tells his daughter about Puff and the story ends on a high note again with a new friend who comes to play.

My third and final favorite story is the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’. This is about a cuddly toy that is so loved it becomes real. It’s also a tear-jerker, so keep your tissues handy. If you miss these stories, there’s nothing to stop you treating yourself from the library or your bookstore. Or, better still come on over to my place and you can fill in for me at story time. I promise they’ll love it!


Increasingly, our kids opt for ‘The Children’s Bible’ and they ask for a story about Jesus, Noah’s Ark or Jonah and the Whale. It is interesting that all three characters are featured in stories that feature remarkable weather events. Let’s hope the brook across the road doesn’t flood again or I’ll be asked if I know how to build an ark. When that day comes, we will get serious about teaching them about the power of prayer.

Pastor Cliff