Brief Encounters

Dear Friends,
It began in the school car park!

I was dropping our daughter off at pre-school and got
talking with one of the other dads about getting our children
signed up for his recreational basketball sessions. Well, one
thing led to another, and after I let it slip that I had played a
little in high school and done a coaches’ course at college,
we agreed that I might be able to help him coach next winter
when they start up again.

While we were still talking, one of the mums arrived and she
heard me asking about when to sign up our kids for spring
soccer. Her husband coaches that, so it looks like we’ve got
the soccer covered now as well.

Isn’t it amazing how while we are standing around chatting,
that opportunities arise to make connections or learn about
something we need or can do to help other people?

I wonder if you have noticed that these chances are
becoming fewer because of all those times we shut out the
world with headphones, blue tooth earpieces or go to our
mobile phones when we are in waiting rooms and lines.

During this season of Epiphany as we learn what it means to
be a disciple of Christ, let us remember that as we are
discipled by Jesus, we are called to reach out to other people
as we point the way to Him. It is the human connection
through brief encounters at the crossroads and way points
in life that God uses us to share the good news of the gospel
of Jesus Christ. Now, that is exciting, for suddenly a whole
world of opportunity opens up when we put our phones
away to realize the needs of the people around us.

Pastor Cliff