God is present. Are you?

Dear Friends,

In the rush to get on to the next thing, we are often so distracted that we fail to be present with the people and tasks right in front of us. Not only do we deprive ourselves of being in the moment, but we often present a version of ourselves that is less than our best.


I know that I sometimes catch myself rushing and must pause for a moment to remember the message of Carl Honore’s books ‘In Praise of Slow’ and ‘In Praise of Slowness’.


One of the worst things we can do is eat quickly. We give ourselves indigestion and other more serious health problems. I remember my mother telling us that rushing our food to the extent that we eat standing up or as we go, may lead to stomach problems. And over the years, I know to my cost the dangers of eating too much, too fast, because our brains need time to tell the stomach that they are full, and when our pace of consumption is excessive, we end up feeling overfull too late.


Slowing down at the table also allows us to be mindful of those with whom we are sharing each meal. The last book we read at the Book Group was ‘Meeting Jesus at the Table’ and the author reminds us that every table is the Lord’s table.


Today’s ‘Our Daily Bread‘ reading was Luke 25:28-35 in which the two disciples on the road to Emmaus were preoccupied by their grief and conversation. Even when Jesus walked beside them, they could not see it was Him. Once they reached their destination, they invited Jesus to eat with them. And in that moment, I wonder if it was slowing, sitting down with Him to eat, and focusing on Him that opened their eyes as He gave thanks and broke bread.


As we sit down to our next meal, let us remember that every table is the Lord’s table at which He is present, every person needs to be recognized and always give thanks for the food and those who have prepared it before we tuck in.

Pastor Cliff