Preparing for Advent

Dear Friends

I wonder if you have a favorite Advent and Christmas hymns or carols. Perhaps there is more than one. Please tell us by adding it to the list in the vestibule. This way, we will try to make the season of Advent a special one for you.


For some of us who are so steeped in the spirit of Christmas that people might think we have mulled wine or eggnog flowing through our veins, then you will probably be able to list your top ten Advent and Christmas hymns. Maybe you have a CD of Christmas music to play in your car. For our children, we have a Muppet Show which is very seasonal as well as amusing. Unfortunately, it is mostly secular, but it is still fun to play.


Another seasonal list of favorites might be your all-time top Christmas movies. Mine includes The Miracle on 34th Street” which is often played on or around Thanksgiving Day. I love the mystical Santa and the clever reminder that the dollar bill says “In God We Trust”. And then, twist of the court room drama where all the letters to Santa are dumped on the judge’s desk proving that Santa exists. For, who could argue with the United States Postal Service and the U.S. government?


For the children in our house, our absolute favorite Christmas Movie is, “The Polar Express” featuring Tom Hanks. Snowflakes and steam trains, music and mystery, it has it all. And once more, the magical twist that keeps alive the spirit of Christmas.


I wonder how many parents and grandparents share with their children the sense of awe and wonder at steam locomotives. Every train journey is an adventure but this one feels like a roller-coaster too that your heart is in your mouth.


But then again, maybe you are blessed to live in a home without a television. If you do, how will you spend your precious time? Listen to music, play a musical instrument, Jigsaw puzzles, board games, arts and crafts, reading or going for walk.


It’s all good.


I hope you enjoy this season of Advent as we prepare to meet our Lord Jesus. Whether He is coming again in glory or as an infant in a manger.


Pastor Cliff